Allied Security has been involved with many events and hospitality security venues.

As our company developed into a complete security company which offers all the traditional security services, we realised that the specialist security provided to events and the hospitality industry would require an approach which traditional security companies do not offer.

As a result we have developed specialised knowledge, training systems, procedures, and staff focused on the Hospitality and Event Industry.

This system is unique and has resulted in management retention, client retention, and expansion of the event and hospitality division.

To complement our services we can offer:

  • Car Parking Services
  • Ticketing Services
  • Usher and Hosting Services
  • Health and Safety Services
  • Traffic Management Planning and Staffing

The hospitality sector offers great social rewards and excitement. However, all staff must be highly trained in the communication with patrons who may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

All staff must also be trained in the restraint of use of force. The ability to use force to prevent crime is very important however the ability to not require the application of force is more important.

All our hospitality staff are highly skilled in communication techniques using body language and verbal abilities to de-escalate any situation.


The event market offer interesting and fresh work opportunities. Events can be one off or repetitive however the varied nature of the event and the patrons often provide an interesting environment for our staff.

As you can see above, we have developed a range of skills and services to support event organisers when developing their event.

Our goal is to be a one stop shop in order to economise cost and provide efficient delivery of all services.