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    Allied's security guard service provides a professional  and highly disciplined approach to protecting people, infrastructure and assets. Well make sure you get the right person with the right training for your requirements.

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    Electronic Security

    Allied are your specialists for installing, servicing, maintaining and monitoring Alarms and camera systems. With over 2 decades of experience we will craft a solution that fits your needs and your budget. 
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    Mobile Patrols
    and Rapid Response

    Allied mobile security patrols provide you peace of mind, allowing  you to relax safe in the knowledge that your property is secure and your after-hours staff are safe and protected. Our highly trained and ultra responsive mobile security services can take care of any after-hours security issues.

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    Lone Worker

    Lone workers who operate in isolation away from other employees, without close or direct supervision, do so with a heightened risk of personal injury. Our remote monitoring team can greatly reduce the risks these employees face.

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    This service ensures the safety and security of visitors and tenants, as well as a capacity to perform daily organisational tasks. Whether its staffing a reception at your corporate office or greeting and directing customers at your retail premise our talented Concierge staff will exceed your expectations.

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    Events Security

    Anyone with event management experience understands that there are specific objectives and risks inherent to each venue. Allied Event security ensure a safe environment for staff and visitors alike, help prevent any disruption and protect property against damage or loss

    The Allied Security Difference

    At Allied we pride ourselves on creating truly fit for purpose customer solutions. This means working with you to evaluate what you need and tailoring our solutions to those specific requirements.

    We believe our staff are the best in the industry. A big reason for this is we invest in a wide range of training in order to qualify our staff for the precise deployments that we will place them in. Whether that is in a luxury retail setting, a rugby game or as an office concierge.

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