Local Council Regulatory Authorities Security

Regulatory enforcement on behalf of local government agencies is a key division of our business.

Allied Security has the experience and expertise to ensure your community is safe and vibrant.

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    Parks and Reserves

    Our team specialise in mobile patrols and are engaged by several
    local councils across Australia, we are specialist's in securing and the active
    access management of community parks and reserves.

    Community Assets

    Protecting assets for the enjoyment of the wider community is a passion for our team, from Libraries, Pools, Museums and Civic Buildings our highly trained team are experts in providing both asset protection and community engagement of those using these public spaces, ensuring a safe enjoyable environment

    Security Guards

    Physical security measures focus on securing the physical
    environment of Local Councils. This includes access control systems, video
    surveillance, perimeter fencing, locks, and alarms to prevent unauthorised
    access and protect sensitive areas.

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