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Marine Sector Security

Here are some effective and impactful ways in which our security company can contribute to enhancing and strengthening marine sector security in order to ensure the safety and protection of maritime facilities, ports, vessels, and personnel operating in the dynamic and challenging marine environment.

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    Asset Protection

    Asset protection in the marine sector in Australia is of utmost importance to safeguard valuable maritime assets, such as vessels, port facilities, cargo, and infrastructure. Allied Security provides security measures, including physical barriers, access control systems, and surveillance technologies, to control access points and deter unauthorized entry to maritime assets.

    Maritime Compliance

    Ensuring our port borders are secure, our team has significant experience in control, vetting and access of Maritime environments, operating in multiple port and coastal access facilities across Victoria.

    Watch House Security

    Specific security requirements for a marine watch house may vary depending on its location, size, and operational needs.

    We work closely with the facility management and relevant stakeholders to customize security solutions that align with the specific security objectives and regulatory requirements.

    Cruise Ship Ambassadors

    Our team provides welcoming friendly security hosts, ensuring compliance is adhered to whilst providing an approachable, friendly experience for those visiting our Port entries, ensuring a lasting positive experience.

    Port Security Officers

    We deploy personnel to provide security services at ports and harbors. This includes monitoring access points, conducting security checks on individuals and vehicles, and ensuring compliance with security protocols.

    We can also implement access control measures, such as verifying identification cards and managing visitor entry, to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.

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