The retail industry presents a multitude of security threats, due to an increase of more sophisticated crime tactics, understanding these risks is crucial for retailers to develop comprehensive security strategies and effectively protect their assets, employees, and customers.

Allied’s commitment to better serving our clients goes far beyond offering guarding, patrols and tech services. We have built a talented team that works with customers to improve their security outcomes across the board.

retail-security-managerWe recently had Matthew Murray join our management team as National Retail Security Manager. Prior to joining Allied worked for the New Zealand Police for 27 years, more recently as a key member of the National Retail Investigation Unit, helping multiple  retailers identify ways they can make themselves less of a target to potential offenders.

With his extensive experience, Matt understands retail security inside out. He has collaborated with global retail leaders and law enforcement to implement world-class strategies to minimise retail security threats.

Matt has set a new standard for reducing and managing security threats within the retail sector. His knowledge and insights are deeply rooted in real-world experiences, making him a key asset in safeguarding retail businesses of all scales.

Some of Matt’s top tips for enhancing retail security include:

Greeting Customers:

A friendly greeting when customers enter the store can deter potential shoplifters as they know they are being noticed.

Well-Designed Store Layout:

Arrange your store in a way that provides good visibility and minimises blind spots. If there are areas in the store that are more susceptible to theft, keep shelves low and use mirrors strategically.

Security Cameras:

Install visible security cameras throughout the store. The mere presence of cameras can discourage theft and in the event theft does occur, the strategic placement of cameras can capture sufficient footage. It's also important to remember to regularly have your CCTV camera serviced, there's been too many times we've dealt with issues regarding infrequent servicing of CCTV cameras.


Ensure that your store is well-lit, both inside and outside. Adequate lighting can discourage shoplifters who prefer to remain unnoticed.

Security Tags and Sensors:

Use anti-theft devices like electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags and sensors on high-value items. These can trigger alarms when someone tries to steal them and can also be a deterrent for potential thieves.

Secure High-Value Items:

Place expensive or easily stolen items behind locked cases or closer to the cash register. This makes them less accessible to shoplifters.

Clear Signage:

Post clear and visible signs indicating that shoplifting is a crime, and the store will prosecute offenders.

Employee Vigilance:

Encourage employees to watch for suspicious behaviour and report it. Create a culture of vigilance among your staff. Ensure your employees recognise and appropriately respond to suspicious behaviour.

Customer Assistance:

Offer assistance to customers who appear to be loitering or behaving nervously. When shoplifters feel watched, they are less likely to steal.

Inventory Control:

Maintain accurate inventory records to quickly identify missing items and potential patterns of theft.

CCTV Signs:

Post signs indicating that the store is under video surveillance. This serves as a warning to potential shoplifters.

Professional Security Services: Consider engaging the services of professional security personnel or security companies to provide on-site security and surveillance, particularly during high-risk periods. Having security guards present can be an immediate deterrent but also help in the apprehension of individuals that do shoplift.

Security is an ongoing effort that requires continual evaluation, adaptation, and collaboration. Each retail store has different requirements, and sometimes during a self security audit it can be easy to miss areas of attention, if you need extra assistance don't hesitate to get in touch. We can conduct a thorough security assessment of your premises and create a security solution based solely on your requirements.

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